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Understanding the Retina

Before you can get a thorough understanding of diseases related to the retina it is important to understand what is exactly the retina. Many people have a hard time understanding this concept. We have provided an explanation Retinal Detachment Cincinnatibelow.

The light sensitive tissue that lines the wall in the back of the eye is called the retina and it acts like the film in a camera; capturing images that are then transmitted to the brain. The retina is responsible for processing the images projected onto it and then the optic nerve transmits this to the brain. The retina is susceptible to many types of diseases that we will detail in the web pages of this section. If the retina is damaged, you could experience flashes of light, blurriness in your vision, dark spots, or blindness. Tri-State Centers for Sight offers routine eye examinations to determine if you have a retina that has been damaged and can offer treatments to help you regain the sight you once had and deserve.

What are the common problems associated with the retina?
Retinal Detachment
Macular Degeneration
Diabetic Eye Disease
Flashes & Floaters
• Macular Edema
• Retinitis Pigmentosa

A retina specialist is a medical ophthalmologist, who has received additional fellowship training in diseases and surgery of the vitreous and retina. If you have a damaged retina please seek the medical attention of a retina specialist. Damage to the retina can cause permanent vision loss. Our retina specialists commonly treat macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, retinal vein occlusions, macular degeneration, macula edema, uveitis, retinitis pigments and ocular tumors.

What happens during your retina eye exam?

The Cincinnati and northern Kentucky retina specialists at Tri-State Centers for Sight serve you with the highest quality eye care in the region. We aim to be at forefront of treatment and related technology.  As you visit our retinal specialists, you will note that often times there can be numerous elements to your exam.

You will be having a dilated eye exam in order for our retina specialists to diagnose the retinal condition. Be prepared to have a dilated eye exam and plan to have someone else drive. Driving with dilated pupils is not advisable. Dilating the pupils of your eye is the only way our Cincinnati retina eye doctors can assess the health of your retina effectively. Please plan for extended time at our office as a typical exam could take more than one hour.

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