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Visian ICL

Visian ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens)

The Visian Intraocular Collamer Lens or ICL is an ideal solution for patients afflicted with nearsightedness. This is a great alternative to such procedures as LASIK and PRK or Refractive Lens Exchange. The main difference is the natural lens remains in the eye. The ICL procedure has been continually improved through years of studies and continued fine-tuning.

The ICL is a small, injectable lens made of a revolutionary material called Collamer. Because it is made with collagen, Collamer is compatible with your body’s natural chemistry, and contributes to the outstanding quality found only in the Visian ICL.

What is the Surgery Like?

A microscopic incision is made and the ICL is inserted, it is a procedure that does not usually require stitches. One of our skillful surgeons at Tri-State Centers for Sight will make an incision on the edge of the cornea and inset the Visian ICL between the iris and natural eye lens. It will take 15 to 30 minutes for each eye. A local anesthetic or topical solution is applied, and there is little to no pain associated with the process and the recovery time is short. For most patients, stronger and clearer vision is almost immediate. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, so patients have their surgery and leave the same day.

Am I a good Candidate?

The Visian ICL provides a chance to those individuals who are not candidates for LASIK eye surgery to enhance their vision. Some people cannot have LASIK for reasons ranging from thin corneas to Dry Eye Syndrome. The Visian ICL will now give these patients the opportunity to experience the same lifestyle change that LASIK has brought to millions.
You’re likely a good candidate for ICL if:

  • You have corneas that may not be thick enough for LASIK
  • You have extreme to moderate nearsightedness
  • You may suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome
  • You have large pupils

What Is NearVision CK?

NearVision CK is Changing People’s Lives. CK (conductive keratoplasty) has become the fastest-growing new refractive procedure since the introduction of LASIK . A survey of Baby Boomers found that 2/3’s of those surveyed would consider having an elective procedure to reduce their dependence on reading glasses. A full 42 percent ranked CK as their number-one choice, citing its non-invasive method and safety as the primary reasons for their preference.

Instead of using a laser or scalpel, controlled radio waves gently change the shape of the cornea to improve vision, giving NearVision CK one of the highest safety profiles among all refractive eye procedures. More than 20 years of research into this technique have established the depth and temperature necessary to achieve refractive change.

How does it work?

Using a probe thinner than a strand of human hair, CK applies radio waves in a circular pattern on the outer cornea to shrink small areas of collagen. This shrinkage pattern creates a constrictive band (like the tightening of a belt), increasing the overall curvature of the cornea to bring near-vision back into focus for Baby Boomers.

Radiofrequency energy is one of todays most advanced surgical technologies. In addition to its use in CK, RF technology is being used in prostate cancer therapy, back surgery, even cardiovascular procedures.

NearVision is typically performed on just one eye, restoring near vision without compromising the patient’s binocular distance vision. Healing time is rapid with most patients returning to work the following day.

Benefits of Nearvision CK

CK eye surgery is the first and only procedure specifically for Baby Boomers who want freedom from their reading glasses. CK eye surgery uses controlled radio waves, instead of a laser or scapel, to change the shape of the cornea and bring near vision back into focus.

CK eye surgery:

  • is laser-free and extremely safe: There is no cutting and no removal of tissue
  • is minimally invasive and painless
  • is fast: the procedure is performed in under three minutes
  • is easy to undergo: it is performed right in our office with only eye drop anesthesia

NearVision CK Results:

  • 98 percent of patients could see J5 (magazine and newspaper-size print) in the eye that was treated at the 12 month visit.
  • 87 percent of patients cold see 20/20 and read J3 or phonebook-size print (significantly smaller than news print) 12 months after having NearVision CK.
  • CK doesn’t stop the clock from ticking, but it can turn back the hands so Baby Boomers can see near again.

LASEK or Custom Surface Ablation differs from LASIK in that a corneal flap is not cut. Only the surface epithelium, or skin of the eye, is removed. The laser treatment is performed on the front of the eye and the epithelium heals back over the treated surface. With current Excimer Laser technologies, medications, protocols, healing times, post operative discomfort and overall risks have dramatically improved. Let our team of skilled Doctors determine which procedure is right for you.

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