Important Points to Remember After Lasik Eye Surgery

Get ready for better vision! Here’s what to expect after lasik eye surgery as well as important points your doctor will want you to follow.

A lot of people want to take back their eyesight. This is why hundreds of thousands of people get LASIK surgeries every year.

There’s a lot to gain from this surgery. Not having to worry about glasses is important, but even more so is the beauty of seeing the world in twenty-twenty.

After the surgery, you can see how beautiful things are without blurring or fogging.

Getting Lasik is a good choice for many adults. But there is a recovery process. If you don’t know what to expect after LASIK, you can find the surgery an unpleasant surprise.

Making a Follow-Up Appointment After Lasik

If you know how the eye works, you know that Lasik is simple and complex at the same time. While it can be confusing, what’s important to know is the fact that you will need some extra care from your eye doctor.

After Lasik, you will need to schedule a follow-up appointment. There aren’t a lot of risks to the surgery, but it will be important to make sure that everything is working properly.

The follow-up appointment should mainly consist of your doctor checking on the state of your eyes and making sure that everything is going well.

You shouldn’t sweat this appointment. But it may be easier to schedule it before you go to your LASIK surgery.

Your Eyes Will Be Sensitive

You may experience burning, stinging, and pain after your surgery. Because most of us are not used to real eye pain, this can be nerve-wracking. But you shouldn’t worry about this: increased sensitivity after LASIK is completely normal.

This happens for a few reasons. But one of the biggest is exposure. You are bringing a new part of your cornea into contact with the atmosphere.

Because your eye is not used to experiencing things in its present condition, it can feel threatened and send pain signals as a result. While this can be stressful, and discomforting, it won’t last for too long.

If soreness, burning, and sensitivity last for more than a week, you should contact your eye doctor about the experience. But overall, this symptom is something completely normal and not worth worrying about in a major way.

An Opportunity to Quit Smoking

Smoking is awful for your entire body, including your eyes. If you want to stop doing the thing responsible for millions of deaths each year, Lasik can be the quitting opportunity that you need!

That’s because you need to avoid certain things after your surgery. With your eyes being sensitive, these things can be benign. Dust, for instance, should be avoided when possible. So should dirt and other outdoor pollutants.

But one of the most important to avoid is smoke. If you smoke cigarettes or marijuana, this provides you with a quitting opportunity. In the long run, it won’t just be your eyes that benefit: it will also be your lungs and heart.

But whether or not you’re interested in quitting, you will need to take a break after your surgery. That can be good news or bad news depending on your personal outlook.

Things Will Get Blurry

Like pain, this side effect can be concerning. But it’s completely normal, and shouldn’t be a cause for major concern following your surgery.

In some ways, it seems a bit counterproductive. After all, this is a surgery you got to improve your eyesight. If you’re now walking around in a blurry state, it can be frustrating.

But this is only temporary. Once again, if it lasts longer than a week you should talk about it with your doctor. But otherwise, it’s perfectly normal to experience a little bit of blurred vision after LASIK surgery.

No Makeup

Like smoke, eye makeup can be harmful immediately after LASIK. While you won’t need to avoid it forever, your mascara and eyeshadow will need to wait as your eyes get ready to adjust.

How long you need to follow this depends on your individual case. So, as with every other side effect on this list, make sure you have the appropriate conversation with your doctor before putting on your makeup once more.

This is also something to note before your surgery. If you have a job that requires eye makeup (like being a stock photo model or the lead singer of a pop-punk band,) plan work after your surgery accordingly.

Your Eyes May Get Red

Red eyes are another perfectly normal side effect of Lasik surgery. If you’re experiencing this effect and worried about the potential social stigma, you should ask your doctor about eye drops or other items that can minimize the effect.

If you think this element of Lasik recovery is lasting too long, you should get in touch with your doctor. While it’s probably nothing, it is important to make sure that you’re not experiencing a more serious reaction to the surgery.

Stay out of the Pool

If you’re a swimmer or a hot tub enthusiast, there is some bad news. You’ll need to take a break after LASIK.

This is a strict requirement. You can’t get away with just wearing goggles. A bit of chlorine in the immediate recovery period can cause serious problems for your eyes.

Nothing lasts forever. That includes this restriction. But for a moment, it’s going to be time to hang up your swim trunks while you heal.

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