Complete Eye Care Tips for Computer Users

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, it’s important to protect your eyes. Be sure to follow these complete eye care tips.

Looking at computers isn’t just for geeks anymore. The average person spends more than ten hours a day looking at screens in the United States. And with this comes serious visual health risks.

Computer vision syndrome is a serious condition. It happens because of the eyes needing to focus and refocus at all times. This can cause your vision to occasionally get blurry or strained.

In the long run, it will become more difficult to change your focus from nearby objects to far away ones.

It’s important to preserve your eye’s ability to function. Luckily, these complete eye care tips can help.

Take A Break

One of the most important things that you can do for your eyes is to simply take a break. Treat staring at your computer screen like lifting weights: you need to take time between sets to keep your eyes healthy.

This is particularly important when you consider how the eye works. Because, while the eye is incredibly complex, it’s still a part of the human body. That means you should be willing to treat it as a muscle whenever you use it.

As with any body part, you need to play by the rules of your eyes. This is what makes complete eye care tips so important in maintaining your vision.

You may need to stare at a screen for work. But your eye can’t do it without breaks. Look away for a few minutes, and even consider looking at your keyboard if possible.

A good rule of thumb is taking five minutes off of staring at the screen each hour.

Eat Your Vitamins

Vitamins are incredibly important for people who want a healthy and functioning body. If you want to stay in shape, you should be taking a multivitamin or getting enough vitamins in your diet.

The same is true of keeping your eyes healthy. There are plenty of vitamins that can minimize computer vision syndrome. And any list of complete eye care tips would be incomplete without mentioning them.

Vitamin A and Beta Carotene are the two most important vitamins for this purpose. There is a wide variety of foods in which you can find these substances.

You can get vitamin A in kale, carrots, spinach, and broccoli. And if you have access to beef liver, you can get more than triple your daily value of the vitamin.

Beta-carotene is also an incredibly valuable vitamin for your eyes. You can get your daily dose of it in spinach, sweet potato, and winter squash. It’s also incredibly common in a variety of fruits, including cantaloupe and apricots.

You can get both things in most daily multivitamins along with a specific supplement.

If you want to stay healthy, you need to eat your vitamins. Make sure you do for your eyes what you do for the rest of your body and get these nutrients.

Do Eye Exercises

Eye exercises are another important way to keep your eyes healthy while staring at a screen. While you may feel silly working your eyes out at first, in the long run, you will feel far healthier.

There are a variety of exercises that you can do with your eyes. And they don’t just involve moving them around haphazardly. Instead, eye exercise is about a sustained commitment to improving weak areas of performance in the eye.

Because computer vision syndrome frequently involves an inability to adjust your eye’s focus, you should start with an exercise involving adjusting your vision’s focus.

Adjust between a near-focused and far-focused point of view to mitigate the effects of staring at a screen. You can also talk to an eye doctor about more eye exercises.

These exercises are an important part of any list of complete eye care tips, so make sure you include them in your regimen.

Avoid Glare

If you have a lot of glare on your screen, it can be impossible to avoid computer vision syndrome. That’s why, among the many complete eye care tips that are essential for today’s world, avoiding glare is primary.

Make sure you aren’t using your computer in a room that’s too bright. Also, make sure that you aren’t getting a lot of glare from dust or other particles on your screen. If you aren’t sure you can avoid glare easily, consider installing a glare-proof screen.

This isn’t just for your eyes. Working with glare can also be incredibly annoying. If you’re constantly frustrated by a glaring screen, then installing something to avoid it just seems like a smart choice.

You should not be working with glare on your screen. So, consider this one of the most important tips to prevent this condition.

Get Enough Sleep

It turns out that a lot of complete eye care tips are just common sense. Still, most of us are not getting the seven-to-eight hours of sleep that we need each night.

A lack of sleep causes eye strain and popped blood vessels. It also causes downgrades to mental functioning and physical health. So, if you want better eyesight and a longer, happier life: make sure you’re getting those “Z”s.

Your eyes can lose their ability to function from being left open too long. So, make sure you’re closing them regularly.

Along With These Complete Eye Care Tips, See A Professional

Vision professionals can monitor the health of your eyes and make sure you aren’t damaging them from too much time at the computer. If you want to improve your visual health, we’re the best eye doctors out there.

We offer a serious understanding of the world we live in today. We know that it isn’t effective to just tell you to stop staring at the screen: after all, your livelihood is very likely digital.

We want to help you. Contact us so we can make it happen today.