8 Signs You Need Urgent Eye Care Now

Do you know the signs of an eye emergency? There are certain symptoms that can’t wait. That’s when you need to visit an urgent eye care. Learn when below

Do you know the signs of an eye emergency? They’re not just situations that result from extreme trauma like a car crash or workplace accident.

Eye emergencies can be caused by everyday activities or can be a symptom of a different problem happening in your body. But too many people don’t know how to recognize an eye emergency, and they don’t get urgent eye care when it’s needed.

Don’t stop yourself from getting the care you need — know the signs of an eye emergency when they happen. Read on for eight signs you need urgent eye care.

1. Any Pain Or Swelling

Often, people have a tendency to ignore pain and hope that it goes away. If this is something like a headache or an achy knee, you might be able to get away with this. But if you notice any pain or swelling in your eyes, that’s a sign that you need urgent eye care now.

Persistent pain is your body trying to tell you that something is wrong. Swelling is even more concerning since that can be a symptom of anything to allergies to more serious health problems like Graves’ disease.

Don’t hesitate to seek care for a painful eye.

2. Your Pupils Aren’t The Same Size

When one of your pupils is bigger than the other, this is a condition called anisocoria. If this isn’t a condition that you were born with, you need to seek urgent eye care.

There are a lot of different things that could cause your pupils to be different sizes. Think back to if you’ve experienced any trauma to the head recently. Could you have a concussion?

If you haven’t hit your head, it could be a sign of something more serious, like an inflamed optic nerve or meningitis. Only a medical professional can determine the cause — don’t try to diagnose yourself.

3. Your Eyes Are Yellow

Has the white part of your eye surrounding your iris started to become yellowish in color? There might not be anything specifically wrong with your eye, but there is still a health problem that needs to be addressed.

If the sclera — the whites of your eyes — is starting to turn yellow, this is a sign that you might be having liver problems. Before you go see your primary care physician, you should seek out urgent eye care. Someone who specializes in optical care will be able to help you best.

4. You Experience Loss Of Vision

This is one symptom that people can misunderstand at times. Loss of vision doesn’t just mean that one day you wake up and suddenly can’t see at all since almost everyone would immediately seek urgent eye care if that happened.

Loss of vision can also mean things like blurry or double vision. If you notice that your vision is slowly deteriorating, you should seek the advice of a medical professional.

It could just be that your vision is naturally worsening with age, or it could be a sign of something more serious.

5. Any Chemical Damage Demands Urgent Eye Care

If you get any kind of chemical in your eye, the first thing that you should do is flush your eye with cool water. Hold your eyelids open, point your eye down, and let water run over it continuously for fifteen minutes.

After that, you should seek urgent eye care immediately. Chemical damage that has been left untreated can lead in some cases to permanent loss of vision, so make sure someone is able to bring you to an urgent care center.

Chemicals, in this case, can include cleaning products, aerosols, garden chemicals, or more serious industrial chemicals.

6. Your Eye Has Been Scratched

If you play sports like basketball, it’s possible that you could get a scratch on your eye from playing too roughly. If you are poked in the eye by either a person or a foreign object, you might have scratched your eye and need urgent eye care.

You still need care even if your eye isn’t bleeding, since you may have scratched your cornea.

Place a cold compress on your eye to help soothe it and then seek medical care immediately. Don’t press on your eye, since that can actually make the injury worse.

7. A Physical Object Has Lodged In Your Eye

This isn’t just for large objects that are causes of serious trauma. Even little things like sand can cause damage to your eye if you’re not careful.

If you have something small in your eye, try to flush it out with water first. Don’t rub your eye, even if it’s irritating you. If you can’t get it out, you need to go to an urgent care center.

If you have something large stuck in your eye, like glass or wood splinters, do not try to remove it yourself. Try to move your eye as little as possible and seek help immediately.

It usually helps to cover the non-injured eye so that your injured eye doesn’t move with it.

8. You’re Overly Sensitive To Light

Being unable to stay in bright rooms isn’t just a sign of a bad hangover. If you find yourself overly sensitive to light, this is actually a sign that you need urgent eye care.

This might be a sign of trauma to the eye, but it can also result from an irritation or infection of the eye. Like yellow eyes, it can also be a sign of diseases that are affecting a different part of the body.

Find a medical professional who can determine the reason for your light sensitivity.

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